Sorbet Sunday!

6 06 2010

It’s the summertime, and the best part about that is…ICE CREAM!  I mean, for those of you who know me well, I eat ice cream nonstop, winter, summer, I don’t care.  But there is something about the cold ice cream on those hot summer days.  One of my FAVORITE sorbet recipes is this raspberry sorbet.  It’s somewhat tart, but the mini chocolate chips balance that out beautifully.  I didn’t use the ice cream maker because it wasn’t frozen overnight and I wanted to make this with the raspberries right away.  It seriously takes VERY little time…and you can do it all in the food processor:

Beautiful color too!

24 ounces of raspberries, 2 cups of plain non-fat yogurt, 1/2 cup of sugar, 1 1/2 tsp. vanilla.

Blend that all together in a food processor. Don’t throw the raspberries in first; even though this will make it easier to work with (and turn the raspberries into a puree), it comes out a lot creamier if you just throw it all in the food processor together.

I have a mini food processor so it took 1/3 of each ingredient and then combining it all in the end.After that, you can throw it in a 13×9 pan, cover it with saran wrap for about 30 minutes.  The edges will start to harden, and then dump 2 cups of mini chocolate chips over the top; use a rubber spatula to mix the chips in well.

At this point, I put it in for about another hour.  If you’re using frozen raspberries (sometimes is cheaper), it will be about 1/2 the time for the sorbet to harden.About an hour into the cooling, you can eat it! After I scrape out some for eating 🙂 I put the rest into an airtight container and put it in the freezer. When left in the freezer, it gets too hard to scoop, so after the first day, I usually take it out about 15-20 minutes before I want to eat some.

Anyway, it didn’t last long in this house; between my love for ice cream, and my boyfriend’s love for anything sweet, as well as my roommate who is always game to try my creations, this was awesome 🙂 and went really quick!  I’d say it makes about 6-8 servings because it was gone within 3 days.  I love that when you use non-fat yogurt, it makes the sorbet creamy, but way less fattening!!!  And, I don’t even miss the calories!

Raspberry Sorbet

Much more to come this week…it looks like I’ll be having a lot more time on my hands and using that time to enter some more cooking contests 🙂 Watch out world…
See you in the Kitchen!

Thursday and Pictures!

28 05 2010
Today overall, has been a really awesome day.  I made a decision about my job!  My boyfriends coming over!  I had leftovers for dinner cause its too hot to cook!  And, I’m actually planning my trip to Savannah to meet the rest of the RWoP whole-heartedly!  WHOA!  I wasn’t 100% sure I wanted to do it, but once I priced it out, it seemed illogical NOT to.  These women have really built a community that I LOVE being a part of.  I wanted to share it with them, even if I’m not going to be a finalist or spokesperson, or even meet Paula Deen. 

These ladies have been with me since my first video and it makes me VERY excited to be hanging out with them for a few days in Savannah.  One of the women, Jenn, is from Texas and is going to be my roommate 🙂 we weren’t thrilled about sharing a room with 4 women so we made it just the two of us for the three days.  Since she’s also one of the women who is closer to my age, that makes me really happy.  Plus, she’s super nice!  My only concern is she could easily be named the “voice” of the RWoP (she’s amazing at Facebook) and that would really make me sad, no roomie.  We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it!

Now you know I haven’t just been sitting on my tuckus, despite the fact that the contest was over.  No way!  And, even though I’m not making any more videos, I am systematically working through LOTS of tubs of Philadelphia Cream Cheese that are still in the house 🙂

First thing I want to show you is my Strawberry Margarita…it looks SO pretty!  I am really excited with how nice it turned out; once again, John’s camera does it SUCH justice!

Strawberry-Lime Margaritas?! OLE!

I bought those cute little glasses at CVS, they were on sale 2 for $5…they definitely made the presentation shine!  My favorite part was the tequila mixture at the bottom.  The lime sugar dissolved into the tequila so the shot of it in the bottom was actually pretty good.  In fact, I think that might have been John’s favorite part!!!  We also never had margarita glasses before, so rather than throw these out, I washed them and am awaiting the next gathering I have to bring them out!

Second, it’s been SUPER HOT in Boston.  I mean sweltering like it was the middle of the summer!  Even though we have AC, we don’t like to use the central air unless we HAVE TO.  It’s just not cost-efficient.  During these times, I also HATE turning the oven on.  I mean, is there any reason to make the house any hotter?!  Absolutely not!  Therefore, last night I made these chicken burgers.  We had a BBQ over the weekend, and so I had hamburger buns left.  I just basted the chicken in a Philly Cream Cheese-Lemon-Dijon Mustard sauce and put them on my George Foreman.  8 minutes later…put them on top of some roasted red pepper (out of the can), and spread some of the reserved Philly, Lemon, Dijon mustard, on the top of the bun.  YUMMY!  It was so fast, easy, tasty, and best of all, I didn’t turn on the oven!


It looks as delicious as it was!  I served it with cold macaroni salad and steamed broccoli.  Mymom gave me the recipe for her amazing macaroni salad.  I used 1/2 box of macaroni in boiling water until tender; I let it drain and then added it to a bowl with about 1 cup of low-fat mayo, and 1/2 cup of italian dressing, 2-3 tbsp of white vinegar, mixed it all up and put it in the fridge.  After about 20ish minutes (although our fridge is cold).  It was perfect! I love it, and since I never knew how it was made, I’m glad she shared the secret.  Thanks momma!

Kinda makes me wish we had another entree for cream cheese coming up–it was THAT good.  Although, Paula does have a few tricks up her sleeve, so who knows whats in store for us?

Just a reminder there is STILL TIME to join our community!!  We have lots of exciting things planned starting in July for men and women, and from what I understand, videos are NOT a requirement!  WOOHOO! 

Off to tweet about some new recipes!

See you in the Kitchen!

Mashed-up Monday!

24 05 2010

Now that I’ve started with these cooking contests I never want to stop!  Last night, I made John and I a delicious (and easy) banana dessert.  Mainly cause I had bananas in the house, and marshmallows from the s’mores. These were a BIG treat when we were younger and camping.  I couldn’t remember the exact way we did it, and now I wish I had taken a picture of it.  Boo.  That’s what happens when what I make is really good…it goes wayyy too fast 😦

My goal is to get another banana and make it so I can share a picture with you.

Tonight I’m alone 😦 Ash is studying and although I’m kinda sad, I’m going to make zucchini muffins…I will definitely share these with you 🙂 and watch THE BACHELORETTE!  Woohoo!  Love that show!  So glad its back on, have been waitinggggg to see it.

Hopefully I’ll find some bananas this week and show you the recipe with the picture.  Fancy 🙂

Well, back to the last 30 minutes of work.  Time to watch some RWoP videos!  🙂

My final two videos…

23 05 2010
Alas, the RWoP contest has come to a close (for the finalist section only)!  Paula reminds us that we have many more weeks of fun activities ahead, but no word on the video making.  Sigh.  I was actually starting to get good at it.

I’m pretty excited over my last two videos.  The first, Strawberry-Lime Margaritas, was fast and easy to make.  I use cake mix and frosting in a can in order to get this done in less than an hour!  And boy oh boy do they taste good.  With that Strawberry Philadelphia Cream Cheese!  Yummy!!!  My video went long so I didn’t get to show the icing part (sad) but I was pretty happy about it overall.

Second, I made stuffed cinnamon rolls.  Now, I know you can buy these refrigerated in the stores pretty easily.  However, my thought process was to do something different and of course with Philadelphia Cream Cheese.  I used store-bought cinnamon raisin bread.  It’s John’s FAVORITE, and for Mother’s Day we had brought some to his mom under the guise we could have it as toast.  Well we never had the toast, and we had to leave it there so I know he was having a hankering for it 🙂 I decided to use that as my “dough”.  I rolled it out (until it was thin–about 1/4 of an inch), spread some Philly Cream Cheese on it, and then put on a cinnamon-sugar mixture that I threw together.  I rolled it up tightly and cut it into thirds.  I placed them on a baking sheet for 5 minutes in a 400 degree oven.  The video you can find here:

I had almost forgotten to take a picture of these things…mainly because we couldn’t stop shoving them in our mouths!!  Haha, but Paula did say to make something, and to not be afraid of using store-bought ingredients.  Well, this was the most delicious “store-bought” recipe I could have come up with.  I really loved how little time they took to bake.  I hate having to wait 15-25 minutes for the refrigerated cinnamon rolls to be done!  Plus, the cream cheese melted and made these babies OOZE with cream.  Oh man I’m craving some more right now.

Perfect picture!

Anyway, I made one more slice just so I could put up some nice pictures of them.  Don’t they look gorgeous??  I have to admit, John’s camera captures the essence of these.  They are quick, easy, and cute little rolls.  If I ever had people over for brunch, these would DEFINITELY be on the menu.  Although having a proper brunch for people would mean my friends would have to wake up before 11.  Not always sure thats possible.

I got a few more glamour shots of the rolls in, too. 

Yeah, they just OOZE that Cream Cheese!!  So delicious.

Enough salivating…back to doing some dinner prep.  We’re having cheeseburgers and hot dogs tonight.  I’m making pico de gallo for an appetizer, and still trying to figure out WHAT we can have as our veggie.  It’s time to raid the freezer.  John has never really had good Italian Ices so my plan is to walk to the food store and buy some to enjoy as our low-cal dessert (after taste testing all of my desserts, we need something light and low-cal!).

LOST wraps up tonight…can’t wait!  Not sure how it will end, but almost relieved it is…its been a long six years and I want to see how this all wraps up.

See you in the Kitchen!

Desserts Galore!!

22 05 2010

Hello everyone!

I just finished two out of three dessert videos for the week, and I wanted to show you one that I will NOT be doing a video for…

Dessert Lasagna!

My dessert lasagna, doesn’t it look good???? I used graham crackers, spread raspberry jam on the tops of them (and bottoms if they were in the middle) and layered it with a fudge icing/cream cheese mixture, and a vanilla ice cream.  I wish I could have gotten this frozen enough in one hour, but unfortunately it just didn’t happen.  At first, I was disappointed, but then John and I got to eat it, and it was so gooooood.  I was SO HAPPY.

For the actual RWOP Contest, I made Raspberry “Indoor” S’mores.  I love the idea of making s’mores inside…it definitely reminds me of my childhood and being outdoors.  Since its hard to commune with nature in the middle of a city, the indoors s’mores are perfect.  At the party, I served the chocolate hot and lots of mini marshmallows and graham crackers!  People could then put on as much or as little as they wanted of each ingredient, and it was a lot of fun.
I also noted, and believe, that these are GREAT for kids…they’re easy to make and fun.  I love the idea of having s’mores inside.  Something seems really wrong and tempting about it all at the same time.  🙂
Anyway, it’s the last week for the RWoP contest videos, and while I’m a little disappointed, I’m looking forward to the next few months which will feature “special” competitions each week.  Like “an appetizer in under 10 minutes” or something like that.  I know this blog HAS GOT to have gotten you thinking a little…so I hope you’ll join me at
See you in the Kitchen!

Desserts, Desserts, Desserts.

19 05 2010

Well, if this isn’t one of my favorite weeks, I’m not sure what is!

The Real Women of Philadelphia contest THIS WEEK is dessert.  And, since I have to test all of my desserts first (of course…how will I know if they’re good or not?!) I have been eating LOTS of dessert.  I should comment first this is NOT a complaint, as I love dessert, and as I finish videos and upload them each, I will be premiering them here first!  Just don’t want to give away any good recipes…I’m pretty proud of them to be honest 🙂

Anyway, last night my boyfriend and I were on the phone…as usual for the beginning of the week since he lives in Maine and I live in Boston.  and I was telling him about this great dessert I had come up with…in fact, it wasn’t so great.  But, he was able to help me turn it around into a dish I’m going to try tonight.  I don’t want to give anything away so just think that I am making lasagna for dinner tonight and a traditional dessert after that with Philadelphia Cream Cheese!  YUM!

I wanted to bring to everyone’s attention one of my favorite parts about this competition, and that is the love and outpouring of support everyone has given one another.  I’ve never used Twitter before, but to become a VOICE for the RWOP contest, you sorta have to.  Well, I jumped right in!  Needless to say, I had NO CLUE what I was doing, but Kim was so helpful–she showed me (via email of course) how to twitter just the right way with links, and adding other women’s recipes.  It was great!  And now I am a professional tweeter 🙂 tweet. tweet.

And, remind you all that the contest isn’t even CLOSE to over once we’re done with videos.  For the next round its men and women, and no videos.  So every one of you that I know and love can do this.  Especially you, family, you’re the ones who have inspired me to cook all this time, and you can do it equally well.  An appetizer in 10 minutes!  No problem for my momma!  You get the idea, they’ll be doing creative and inspired kind of recipe ideas and I just know that any one of us can win!  Each week there will be a small prize, and hey, just being noticed by Miss Paula Deen and Philly Cream Cheese would be an honor in a class of its own right?!

I’m off to run some errands but I’ll be back later.  I can’t waittttttttt to share what I’m making with you.  I promise its going tobe DELICIOUS.

See you in the Kitchen!

Apple Chocolate Chip Cream Cheese muffins

17 05 2010

The addition of Philadelphia Cream Cheese here makes the muffins really moist 🙂 I took some cute pictures 🙂 it used the last two of my red apples…



4 ounces of Philadelphia Cream Cheese
2 apples, cored and chopped
2 cups of chocolate chips
1/2 cup butter
2/3 cup sugar
2 eggs
1 tsp. baking soda
1 tsp. vanilla
2 cups flour
First, preheat the oven at 350 degrees Farenheit.  Then combine butter, cream cheese, sugar, and eggs.  Next, add apple, vanilla, baking powder, and baking soda.  stir well.  Last, add flour.  Stir WELL.  Pour into greased muffin pan.  Place into oven for approximately 15 minutes.  They will be golden brown.  Eat and Enjoy!!!
My favorite part of these was that I didn’t really get all the cream cheese that well mixed so there were some creamy spots 🙂 and I didn’t mind that at all.  It actually may have tasted better!
Can’t wait to share some more recipes with you.  My goal is for Tuesday and Thursday to try desserts for the RWoP contest.  We’ll see how I do.  I always have such lofty goals before my work is over 🙂 Enjoy the recipe.  Many more where this came from…
See you in the Kitchen!